The Advisory Council of Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School is an organization that provides for the progress and welfare of the school. The Council consists of 12 members who serve overlapping terms of three years. These members serve without financial compensation and are appointed by the Archbishop of Oklahoma City.


Council Members 2019–2020


Mr. Jeff Segell Chairman
Ms. Susan Abeln Vice Chairman
Mr. Andrew Schmidt Secretary/Treasurer
Rev. Ray Ackerman Member
Mr. William Fankhauser Member
Mr. John Franks Member
Dr. Scott de la Garza Member
Ms. Lisa Edmonds Member
Mr. John Rieger Member
Ms. Amy Walters Member
Rev. Richard D. Stansberry Member

Ex-Officio Members
Mrs. Diane Floyd, Superintendent of Catholic Schools
Mr. David Johnson, Archdiocesan Business Manager
Mr. Paul Lienhard, Immediate Past Chairman

School Staff
Mr. David Morton, President/Principal
Ms. E. Anne Hathcoat, Assistant Principal/Academics and Curriculum Development
Mr. Robert Epps, Assistant Principal/Student Affairs
Dr. Andrew Worthington, Assistant Principal/Curriculum and Testing
Mrs. Janet Ciupak, Chief Financial Officer/Business Manager