Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School has a tradition of academic excellence. Each year, over 98% of our graduates attend colleges and universities around the country and typically receive scholarships totaling over $8,000,000. ACT and SAT scores are always well above state and national norms. Our curriculum consists of over 100 courses. Many of the core curriculum courses are offered on multiple levels.

The average school day consists of six 55-minute classes, a 30-minute tutorial program and a 35-minute lunch period. Progress reports are issued every six weeks with a final grade assigned each semester.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Advanced Placement (AP) courses offer students the opportunity to participate in college-level work in high school. Advanced Placement is promoted at Bishop McGuinness for all students willing to take on the academic challenge, as well as the opportunity to test out of college courses for those who pass the AP exam.

Honors and Pre-AP courses are designed to challenge the student who is intellectually curious, capable of independent work and possesses excellent thinking skills.

Regular College Prep courses are structured to advance critical thinking processes, writing skills and problem solving.

Basic College Prep courses provide instruction in knowledge-based elements and in critical thinking, writing and organizational skills.

Testing Program

Bishop McGuinness students take carefully selected tests that allow the school, parents and student to monitor and individualize the academic path of each student: PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test) administered to all 9th, 10th and 11th grade students in October. This test provides practice for the SAT and also serves as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test for 11th Grade Students.

All 10th grade students take the ACT Aspire in October. This standardized exam provides counselors and parents with academic and career information as well as allowing longitudinal analysis of College Readiness from their 8th grade ACT assessment.

A full diagnostic ACT is provided by the school and taken by all 10th graders to allow the school to provide individualized assistance in preparation for upperclassmen as they begin taking their college entrance ACT exams.

Credit Hours

Students earn 27 credits (1 credit = 1 full year) and complete 90 hours of Christian Service in order to graduate.  Required courses and credit hours are listed below:

Theology 4 credits or .5 for each semester enrolled at BMCHS
English 4 credits/one taken each year
Mathematics 4 credits/must include Geometry and Algebra 2
Science 3 credits/two of which must be lab sciences
Social Studies 3.5 credits/includes World History,  U.S. History, Geography .5, Government .5 and Oklahoma History .5
Foreign Language 2 credits must be 2 successive years in one language
Fine Arts 1 credit as an elective
Physical Education 1 credit Health and Wellness .5 and one semester of Physical Education or a Physical Education equivalent

GPA is determined on a 4.0 scale, honors classes are weighted with a 5.0 scale.