Realizing Excellence; Achieving Competency in High School
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The REACH Program was established to offer support, guidance and remedial methods to qualifying students with learning disabilities.  A special educator and one or two additional certified teachers provide small group and one-on-one instruction.  All students attend daily classes during regularly scheduled periods and use the same textbooks and materials as other students.  They are expected to complete the regular course work with accommodations and modifications specific to their learning needs. Classroom teachers are notified about each individual student’s learning needs.

Freshmen REACH students will earn class credit and a letter grade through the REACH Contracted Study component. Students commit themselves to academic excellence while learning interpersonal and life skills. This requires preparation, cooperation and consistency. Parents are expected to attend the scheduled conferences and support the efforts of their student and teachers.

Students accepted into the REACH Program will have a REACH section each semester of high school.  Senior students in REACH will not have an off-hour.  If they drop out of the REACH program their sophomore, junior or senior year, students will then have to pick up one or two years of World Language.

Students are accepted into the REACH program for all four years of high school.  A review of each student’s progress and suitability is done at the end of each semester. They may be put on a plan of improvement if satisfactory progress is not shown. The REACH Director reserves the right to drop a student from the program if they are not meeting the guidelines set forth in REACH.

Eligibility for the REACH Program is based on current testing (within the past three years) from a qualified examiner that reflects intellectual ability, academic achievement and documentation of a learning difference.  Two letters of recommendation addressing the student’s character and work ethic are required as well as an interview with the REACH Program Director and the REACH teachers.