STEM Projects

2D Adventure Game
Bella Bice

I am making a fully playable 2D pixel art game.

Weather Balloon
David Carter

I am building a weather balloon. The first launch will collect high-altitude data, and the second launch will be to capture panoramic video footage.

Naturally Generated Planet
Lucas Cook
I am creating a 3D computer-generated planet with natural-looking terrain using C++ and OpenGL.

Cowboy P-51 Mustang
Ethan Dawson
I am building the frame of a remote-controlled airplane from scratch and acquiring and installing the engine and servos to have a fully functional remote-controlled airplane.

Calhoun Noble
John English

I’m making a small-scale game using sprites from Calciumtrice, a pixel animator. The game is called Calhoun Noble; it is a dungeon crawler with secrets, enemies, and a warrior!

Fully Electric Bike
Sam Geiger

I am building a fully electric bike powered by two 12-volt batteries. I plan on attaching the motor by chain to the rear drive wheel.

The Solar-Powered Go-Kart
Derek Abeln and Sang Nguyen

Our goal is to construct an electric go-kart that is fueled by solar energy.

War & Fate
Steven Nixon

My project is a card game. I am implementing elements of statistics while also using mechanics for different cards to keep the game fun and interesting.