Original_ClancySince opening its doors in 1950, the McGuinness community has grown to include over 9,300 graduates.  Their presence, combined with the efforts of countless other extended family members, has had a profound affect on the mission of our school.

Our graduates are very loyal and supportive.  Many have settled in the metropolitan area to raise their families and are influential in the Oklahoma City community and beyond.  Approximately 20% of our families represent two or more generations of McGuinness graduates.

Through their faith, our alumni, together with our current students, come together year after year to build something greater than themselves.

For information regarding Alumni events and issues, contact Ms. Sandy Cunningham, Public Relations Director, at (405) 842 6638, ext. 238.

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association maintains an ongoing relationship with BMCHS graduates. Stay connected and enjoy the magic of being a part of our community! We invite all alumni/ae, faculty, staff, students and friends to join us in this mission!


The purpose of the Association is to promote and support Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School and to foster a spirit of loyalty and fraternity among its graduates and former students.


The Association is formed under the authority of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City and the School Advisory Council of Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School. The Principal of Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School and the Director of Development, or their designated representatives, shall advise and coordinate with the Association in carrying out the purposes of the Association.


All graduates of Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School are eligible members of the Alumni Association.

For more information regarding the Alumni Association at Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School, contact Mrs. Sandy Cunningham, Public Relations Director, at (405) 842 6638, ext. 238.

Alumni Association Board Members

  • Michael Avery ’99
  • Andy Crum ’93
  • John Edwards ’96
  • Dana Brou Hill ’85
  • George Hoch ’02
  • Hannah Huneryager ’06
  • Mari Maidt Imel ’69
  • Matt Jackson ’92
  • Chris Neumann ’96
  • John Reiger ’80
  • Lisa Corsoro Rooks ’89
  • Shelby King Steinkirchner ’05
  • Carly Wegener Tribbey ’98

Alumni Association Officers

  • Becky Rodriguez Burgess ’68, President
  • Sharon Brou Tonseth ’81 Vice President
  • Alison Gober Abbott ’03, Secretary
  • Chris Borders ’82, Treasurer

Ex-Officio Members

  • David Morton, President/Principal
  • Linda Mares, Development Director
  • Sandy Cunningham, Public Relations Director