Rules & Regulations 2023

Thank you for participating in Trivia Night!  Outlined below are some simple rules that should be followed during tonight’s event. Please address any questions you might have to the Arbiter’s table. Enjoy the evening!

Event Overview

  • Each table competes as one team
  • There will be 8 rounds of 10 questions.  The categories for each round are:
    • Round 1: 2023 Headlines
    • Round 2: Lost Lyrics
    • Round 3: Sports
    • Round 4: Cocktails
    • Round 5: Serial Killers
    • Round 6: Reality TV
    • Round 7: U.S. Presidents
    • Round 8: Mythology
  • Before competition begins, please fill out your Team Registration Form and submit to the Judges’ table.  This identifies your table number and team name
  • Teams will have 30 seconds to answer before the announcer reads the next question
  • You may write down the question and come back to it later
  • There will be 2 minutes at the end of each round to finalize your answers


  • Teams will print their answer to each question in the corresponding blank on the answer sheet for each round.  Answer sheets for each round are color-coded for your benefit
  • Each team will submit one answer sheet for each round
  • Each team must select a runner responsible for submitting his/her team’s answer sheet after each round to the Judges’ table.  Late submissions are subject to disqualification. VIP Tables your special runner will be a member of the Alumni Executive Committee. 

Phone Rules

  • No outside electronic devices are allowed in searching for answers
  • As a courtesy, all cell phones should be switched to the silent or vibrate mode
  • All phones must be placed in the buckets in the center of the table
  • If you need to use your phone during a round, PLEASE STEP AWAY from your table
  • Anyone caught using their phones at the table during a round; will be awarded 0 points for that round


  • Each table competes as a team 
  • Except as noted below, each correct answer in each round counts for one point
  • Team Choice – Double Points Round (Rounds 1-8)
    • Teams may designate one round to be a double points round
    • Circle the round you want as double points on the sheet provided
    • MUST turn into the judges table prior to Round 1 starting
    • Any forms submitted after Round 1 has started WILL NOT be counted as double points


  • The Judges’ table will consist of 4 Judges and will score each teams answer sheet
  • Unless otherwise specified:
  • Appeals concerning scoring, question validity, or any other aspect of the competition can be directed to the event Arbiter.
  • All Arbiter decisions are final!!


  • In the event of a tie, all teams that are tied for the lead after 8 rounds will compete in a Tie-Breaker question
  • A final question will be asked
    • All tie-breaker competing teams will choose TWO members to answer the final question
    • The team that comes closest to the correct answer wins!! 

Grand Prize Winner

  • The team with the highest overall score after round eight is the winner
    • Winning team will receive One (1) FREE table at next year’s Trivia Night
    • Best table in the Commons Area and VIP treatment
    • Team name inscribed on the Trivia Traveling Trophy
    • Bragging Rights