At Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School, we strive for success and we have experienced many victories. The success is due to having high expectations and following through on the winning traditions set before us. We have some exceptional athletes, but our championships have come from the total contribution of all team members. We believe in and stress the “team concept” to our athletes. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and a team is the same way. All participants must play at their best and be the best they can be to achieve success.

Team Roster

Jarah Burdette
Jacob Edwards
Collin Forth
Trevon Jelinek
Zac Marino
Sam Schmidt
Derek Abeln
Michael Feighny
Nick Shivers
Pat Joyce
Peter Kierl
Josh Northrup
Sean Rieger
Eli Gilbert
Caden Arends
Sam Bass
Jack Turk
Jake O’Donnell
Will Hoch
Cole Resetar
David Borrego
Connor Quiqley
William Forth
Bishop Kelly
Tyler Ganter
Nolan Reynolds
Calloway Crenshaw
Dane Farris
Ashton DeCuire
Jacob Elder
William Ertl
Austin Fuhrman
Mason Hopkins
Jake Kelley
John Lopez
Matthew Mannix
Hector Moncado
Charlie Medley
Landon Tebow
Cole Limber
Jackson Morton
Daniel Allen
Matthew Hardin
Jaxon Scirally
Joe Grantham
Ian Laughlin