Student Campus Life at BMCHS

BMCHS-11-0184Involvement is an important aspect of student life at Bishop McGuinness. Extracurricular activities not only add to the enjoyment of school life but  also permit development of broader insights and experiences in the academic, cultural, political, athletic and social areas.  They enhance the high school experience and enrich the community.  Participation in some from of athletic and other extracurricular activity by McGuinness students approaches 90%.
Classes work as a unit to promote class spirit, sponsor various activities, and take part in Olympic competition.

Student Council Officers

Executive Board

President Reina Ruffin
Vice President Olivia Schmidt
DX Vice President Kristina Retherford
Communications Coordinator Chloe Kamp
Parliamentarian Elizabeth Woods
Historian Lena Box
Treasurer Jack Jacobi
Chair of Assemblies Carter Moody
Chair of Assemblies Morgan Lau
Chair of Olympics Jude Offiah
Chair of Environmental Affairs Michael Dwerlkotte
Chair of Fundraising Alex Gray
Assistant Chair of Fundraising Miranda Jelinek
Video Productions Chair Nathan Baker

Senior Class

President London Klechka
Vice President Jeff Lee
Treasurer Dede Chapline
Senator Lucas Schrantz
Senator Sara Salomon
Senator Shane Dolan
Senator Chichi Ughanze
Senator Jacob Edwards

Junior Class

President Maddie Clarke
Vice President Anna Doan
Treasurer Sabrina Lopez
Senator Meg Tebow
Senator Vivienne Vogler
Senator Victoria Sullivan
Senator Michael Feighny
Senator Luke Schwartz

Sophomore Class

President Evan Ille
Vice President Charlie Maxwell
Treasurer Kathryn Cline
Senator Ford Collier
Senator Lauren Paque
Senator Elizabeth Geist
Senator Lydia Lytle
Senator Jacob Marino

Freshman Class

President Luke Wienecke
Vice President Aubrey Ruffin
Treasurer Peyton McCuan
Senator Emma Singletary
Senator Matthew Coomes
Senator Grace Engel
Senator Paola Grella
Senator Aleena Kappen

Student Handbook

The educational philosophy of Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School is the major component of policy, regulations and procedures.  Some operational and educational principles of the school are absolute and some have been established as a result of educational research, future projections, contemporary trends and past experiences.

The school handbook is an attempt to delineate the fundamental policies, rules, regulations and expectations of Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School to students as well as parents.  Certainly, there will be many “common sense” policies that will not be included within its pages.