Request for Driver's Permit Letter

By completing the following online form you are requesting a letter from Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School stating that you are enrolled as a full time student and that you have a reading proficiency of 8th grade or above. This information must be presented at the State of Oklahoma Department of Transportation to acquire your driver’s permit. Contact Mrs. Iva Owens or (405) 842 6638, ext. 232 for questions regarding the Driver’s Permit Letter.

Reading proficiency is measured by a score of 8.0 or higher on you STS placement test taken prior to enrolling at McGuinness, or equivalent testing. If your score is lower that 8.0 you must retake the reading portion of the STS placement test. Contact Mr. Worthington to schedule the test. Tests are offered Tuesday or Thursdays after school.

Please allow 48 hours for completion of you request during the school year. Once completed you may pick up your letter in Mrs. Owen’s office.

NOTE: Your name and birth date on the letter from the school must match EXACTLY with your name and birth date as it appears on your birth certificate.

Please fill out the request form with your name and birth date as they appear on your birth certificate and check your completed letter carefully before leaving the school.