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Sr. Stephanie Sanchez

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16 January 2020

Dear Prayer Partners,

Would a million dollars make you happy if you were gifted with it? One could make a dent in one’s bills or house payment, or pay for college. However, you could run out of money if you are not careful! Jesus is described as one who, as the Lamb of God, offers forgiveness of sin and resurrected life. Now that’s a gift for eternity! May you make choices that tell God you’re open and willing for such a gift!!   

++ For those who have died recently: Vestina Ruffin (grandmother of Natalie Edmonds and Aubrey Ruffin), Jeanne Chancellor Kelley (two alumni grandsons), June Cromwell (Mallory Winfrey’s grandmother), Hailey Furseth’s relative, Tyron Jones and Aunt Rose Dunford (relatives of Ms. Eva Stevenson), victims of Australian wildfires, victims of earthquake in Puerto Rico, and victims of violence and terrorism

++ For those dealing with cancer: Noel Garza (Mrs. Scott’s brother; cancer has returned); Mr. David Thompson (cancer has returned); Kim Tullis (Ms. Kelli Williams’s relative); Sue Carberry; Mrs. Stephanie Holt; Corrinne Dinges ’10; Nancy McKee; Jimmy Green; Megan McDonald’s mother; Lynda Moore (St. Ann resident diagnosed with cancer); Molly Kurt (Maxwell brothers’ aunt); Nick Patterson ’04 (leukemia); Greg Grover (Deacon Grover’s brother; nearing death); Antonio Placenet; Sharon S. (Stage IV cancer); Phil Lewis; Deacon Max Schwarz (liver cancer); Robin Maestes; Kimberly Powers (Grace Powers’s mother; several health issues including cancer); Justin McClain (lymphoma); Mia Feist; Jim Chandler; Joy Kryster; Cooper Alcott (2-yr.-old diagnosed with leukemia; Jennifer Frakes Burke’s nephew); Roger Metz; Laurie Payne; Vince Brady; Mrs. Hodges; Peggy McGuire Surritte; Betty McClure; Laura Sparks; Sr. Teresa Chau Tran, O.C.D; Cheryl Hill; Paula Allen; Jim Pallerino; Cynthia William; Sandy Robert; Cindy Thompson; Natalie Rice; Dean Hawkins; Xiao Ying; Larry Moore; children with cancer; and those newly diagnosed and/or those who have begun chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments

++ Lord, we ask the healing most needed by all the sick, especially: Susan Chavez (eye surgery next week); Ms. Amy Frame (upcoming surgery); Trey Blackburn (complications following intestinal surgery); Marcia White (alumna who suffered major stroke with paralysis); Kal Okot; Jake Stone; Lori McCormack (Ms. Kelli Williams’s relative); Pruitt Meier (A.J. and Diedre’s son); Ray Copeland; Mike McCoy and Cameron Cooly (Coach Pierce’s relatives); Drake Cook; Paige Kennedy Anderson’s husband (in drug-induced coma) and for her baby due in July; alumnus with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease); Mr. Gibson; Melissa Brown’s daughter; Teresa Thurman; Sue Machugh; Vivian Phan; Betty Brooks; Dee Orrell; Mr. Cheatwood; Martin Horn ’81 (surfing accident; paralyzed from chest down); Holly, Lois, and Raymond Barnhill; Tyler Fahringer; Maverick Nikelfresh (3-yr.-old suffering from pulmonary hypertension); Shirley Willis (heart problems); Suzi Johnson; Todd Williams; Evan Klingenberg (Sam Klingenberg’s son with incurable Menkes disease); Tim Joyce, stabilized vision for Eula Martin; Susan (Crohn’s disease); Katie Hamilton; Laura Davidoff; friends and relatives, especially grandparents, experiencing health issues associated with aging; and all those in hospitals, especially children

++ That Pope Francis, our bishops, and all priests, religious leaders, and seminarians trust in God as his beloved children and call God’s people to that belief
++ That respect for life would color all our relationships and activities in life
++ That all in the BMCHS family seek to grow in the virtue of compassion to become witnesses to God’s loving forgiveness to all
++ For blessings on all mothers, especially Katie Troutt, and all expectant mothers
++ That our student athletes compete well and be free of injury in their respective sports; healing for those who have been injured
++ For the graces and blessings needed by all Kairos alumni as they live their 4th Day, especially those who attend Kairos 80 this weekend
++ That God would show mercy to those who perpetrate violence and evil on others; for a change of heart for those with racial biases and prejudice that hurt peace and harmony among people
++ That young people be open to the Spirit’s prompting to serve the Church as priests and leaders in ministry; may our seminarians persevere in their vocations and desire to grow in holiness
++ Special intentions: Jamie Meyer; Ms. Jennifer Sokolosky; Chris and his children; John Romero and his child; Brigitte Webb; Cortez family; Bernadine Hughes; Marie Logiodice; Velrick O. Wilson; Dillard Drew; all members of the BMCHS community, staff, and their families; Aaron’s needs; Fr. Chet; residents in nursing homes, especially those at St. Ann Nursing Home, Assisted and Independent Living centers; and relatives and friends of the BMCHS community
++ That people experiencing depression and considering suicide, and those afflicted with addictions, will be healed by God’s Spirit of light, so that they may experience the freedom of the children of God
++ That world leaders work diligently to provide justice and basic needs for the poor, hungry, and displaced people in our world while effectively addressing the threats posed by militant terrorist groups and those who participate in human trafficking
++ For conversion of heart of youth radicalized by extreme groups such as ISIS
++ That God would gift with fortitude, hope, and faith those suffering in Syria and the Middle East, families dealing with death or long-term illnesses, financial problems, addictions, bullying and/or any other life-altering challenges, including divorce
++ In thanksgiving for being blessed by God in so many ways, and that all in the BMCHS community use these blessings for God’s honor and glory; for the intentions of our alumni and their families, especially persons suffering from long-term illnesses or illnesses that have not yet been diagnosed
++ That the love between married couples will help them experience God’s love and enable them to be living examples of love for each other and for their children
++ For those who work with the poor and all missionaries and the people served especially: Fr. Joe Uhen and the people of Piura, Peru; Sr. Rosemary Nyurimbe of Uganda; Sr. Barbara Joseph and her “pantry ministry”; Sr. Marian Scena’s work in Tanzania; and Sr. Janice Thome’s work in southwest Kansas
++ For all who serve in the military, especially for those recently deployed: Grant Murphy’s father, Grant Hamilton, Carter Labarthe, Brad Nutty, Capt. Justin Mancinelli, Joey Miles, Kelly Patterson, Molly Hatch, Hunter Hill, Alison Van Horn, and all others in our acquaintance, as well as their families and the challenges they face
++ For the needs and intentions of foster children, their foster families, their birth families, and those seeking to adopt children
++ For an end to bullying, and for families, especially Kurt and Laura Smalley, impacted by bullying and its results

Those who have recently died: Sandra Thompson, Stuart Price, Jerry Cline, John Goffe, Frank C. Hughes, Ken Kenworthy, Sue Largue, Jack Berringer, Candace Ann Fish

The needs and Intentions of: Chris Padgett and his family, the Wrights family, John Hogan, Amy Jacobs and son Tyler, children of those deployed in the military, Mrs. Smallwood, Mr. and Mrs. Smalley, Jessie Boone, and Jackie Francois and her ministry. May Ray Dell McCleskey and his son Trey who suffers from hydrocephalus, Eric Sparkman, Brett Stacey, John Lane, T. J. Rogers, and their children and that all be blessed for their donated work for Katie Hamilton’s aqua therapy room and pool.