Full Year (One unit of elective credit) – 10th/11th/12th grade

Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation

Special requirement: Fall workshop at OU; Participation in ad drive.
Special Note: This course may be repeated up to three years. Students who meet class requirements and competencies after two full years of yearbook, may receive one (1) honors credit.

In this course, the student will be responsible for the actual production of the Chi Rho, the student yearbook. The students considering this course must have a grade of B or better grade average in their previous semester English course and exhibit a high degree of self-motivation and maturity. They must possess good time management skills. The students will be responsible for writing articles, taking and gathering photographs, and the layout and design of yearbook pages on the computer. In addition, students will market the yearbook. Students must be prepared to spend extra time outside of class working on the yearbook. Students may take yearbook as a Practical Studies or a Fine Arts credit.

Instructor: Betty Herman

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