Christian Service Eligibility

Ninety Christian Service hours are a graduation requirement and all students will be expected to remain current during their four (4) years at McGuinness.  At the beginning of each semester, an inventory will be done for each student.  If he or she is short the number of required hours, he or she will have three (3) weeks to reach the required number.   If at the end of the three (3) week probation period the student is still short, they will be athletically ineligible until the desired number is reached.  During this time, the student may practice, but not compete, against another school.

Athletics, Clubs and Organizations

Involvement is an important aspect of student life at BMCHS.  Extracurricular activities not only add to the enjoyment of school life, but also permit development of broader insights and experiences in the academic, cultural, political, athletic and social areas.

Extracurricular activities enhance the high school experience and enrich the community.  Participation in some form of athletic and other extracurricular activity by McGuinness students approaches 90 percent.

OSSAA Scholastic Eligibility

Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School is a member of the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association (OSSAA) and is subject to all its rules and regulations.  Student eligibility can only be maintained by meeting the Association’s requirements, making every positive effort in all academic courses, and fulfilling additional requirements of the individual activities’ sponsors and/or coaches.  In order to participate, students must:

  1. Maintain amateur status as a participant or athlete
  2. Maintain a passing grade in all required courses at the time of participation
  3. Maintain eligibility relative to age and school district residency
    1. Students reaching their 19th birthday before September 1st will not be eligible for any OSSAA activities or athletic competitions.
    2. An entering 9th grade student coming from a Catholic grade school, Westminster or St. John’s Episcopal is eligible.  Those students entering from any school outside BMCHS geographic district, other private schools, or non-freshman from any school, are note eligible for Varsity athletics for 1 year from 1st day of attendance unless a hardship ruling is granted through the OSSAA.  If deemed appropriate, the Athletic Director or activity sponsor will help the parents complete forms for a hardship eligibility request.
    3. Students must have excellent school attendance (90% or better) to participate in practice or a scheduled event.  A student athlete or activity participant who is absent more than two classes during a day may not participate in practice or contests scheduled for that day.  Ninety percent attendance is figured by dividing the number of total class periods possible into the total number accumulated by the student.  Absences due to sickness and other situations out of the control of the students or parents may be waived by the Principal/President, thus allowing participation.  However, the Principal does not waive absences due to vacation time or personal choice.  Every effort is made to minimize loss of school time for extracurricular and athletic purposes.  Some activities and sports necessitate participants to miss school more frequently than others, and date, time and place of playoff contests are out of the school’s control.  It is the student’s responsibility  to ensure coursework is made-up an grades are maintained.

No Pass-No Play

At McGuinness, eligibility is the responsibility of the student athlete.  A student will not be permitted to participate in extracurricular or athletic competition when failing academic course work.

Section 1 – Semester Grades

  • A student must have received a passing grade in five subjects counted for graduation during the last semester of school.
  • If a student does not meet the previous standards, participation may begin after the first 6 weeks of the next semester if passing all subjects at that time.

Section 2 – Student Eligibility During a Semester

  • Academic eligibility is checked on a weekly basis on the last day of the school week beginning with the third week at the beginning of each semester.  The participant must be passing each individual class to maintain eligibility.  If a participant has a failing grade, eligibility will be regained when the cumulative grade for the semester is passing. While academic eligibility is determined on a weekly basis, semester grades are considered separately for eligibility purposes for the next semester.
  • Once grade checks begin, a student failing any subject(s) will be on probation for one week.  During this time, the student may continue to practice and play in any scheduled event, but will become ineligible to participate in succeeding weeks if failure in the same course or any course is recorded during the next week’s grade check.  (A student may not be on probation two consecutive weeks.)
  • Once ineligibility occurs, the penalty begins on the Monday following the grade check that recorded the continuing or subsequent failure.  Academic ineligibility continues until the following Sunday.  If on the next week’s grade check the participant or athlete is now passing all subjects, eligibility is regained.  At times, a test or other work will be turned in during the week or even on grade check day, but it as not been graded in time to refigure eligibility.  The participant is still considered to be failing or on probation until the material is graded and if it does raise the overall grade to passing levels, the activity sponsor or Athletic Director will correct the situation.  The individual sponsor or coach and the academically ineligible student athlete are to arrange a schedule for practice sessions which best serves the needs of the student athlete to regain eligibility.  As a general rule, a student athlete will not be permitted to be excused from a class or classes for which they are on probation during hate regular season.  Exceptions may occur for the playoffs.

All significant parties who might influence a student to improve will be notified in the event of an eligibility concern.  This includes the individual student, as well as his or her teacher, activity sponsor, coach, Athletic Director and parents.  The normal procedure for notification begins with the teacher notifying the student and reporting the failure at the proper time.  The activity sponsor or head coach for that event or sport then is made aware of the student’s status.  The assistant principals and counselors are given a list of failures for that week.  The activity sponsor, head coach or his or her designated assistant is to notify the parents or guardians before practice time on Monday.  Sometimes teams are gone from school on Friday and it may be Monday before parent notification can be accomplished.  However, failure to notify does not postpone application of the penlites.  When a teacher fails to turn in a grade check form on time, those students will be recorded on the grade checks for the following week.  If an athlete is currently ineligible, they will continue to be ineligible until information is obtained that eligibility is regained.  The intent is to avoid penalizing as student with out sufficient notice to remedy a deficiency.

The Principal/President and Athletic Director are the only persons able to make exceptions concerning student eligibility.  The Athletic Director will inform the coach when the athlete has regained eligibility.

Students will be encouraged to utilize tutorial period during times of academic duress.  Students must be in attendance at lest four (4) out of the six (6) periods in the school day to be eligible to participate that day.

If a student drops a class after the first three weeks of the semester, he or she will be ineligibile for a three-week period.  A student regains eligibility at the end of the three week period if he/she is passing all subjects.  If the change is initiated by a teacher and or  the administration, with the parents’ consent, an exception may be made by the Principal/President.

OSSAA guidelines state, “A student who is disqualified during a game or contest because of a flagrant or unsportsmanlike conduct shall be ineligible until reinstated by the Principal.  It is recommended that a disqualified student forfeit the right to participate in at least one contest before he/she is reinstated by the Principal.  A student whose flagrant or unsportsmanlike conduct consists of fighting, cursing or using foul language toward a game official will be automatically suspended from participating in a minimum of the next two regularly scheduled games or contests on the same level of competition that his or her team plays.  Fighting is defined, but is not limited to, any player or non-player (bench personnel) striking an opponent with arms(s), leg(s), foot (feet), or other object(s), attempting to strike an opponent, biting or instigating a fight by committing an act(s) that causes an opponent to retaliate by fighting related to an OSSAA sponsored activity in which the players and non-players are participating.  The fighting rule will apply to pre-contest and post-contest sponsored activities.  It is mandatory that all sponsors and head coaches remind his or her team that fighting during the post game hand shaking ceremonies or conducting them in an unsportsmanlike manner after the game will be severely penalized.  The head coach and team will be subject to additional suspension penalties beyond the normal penalties imposed on fighting and unsportsmanlike acts that occur during the contest.”