Steve McConnell

Steve McConnell

Principles of Art, Principles of Design, Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, and Independent Art Studies

Learning to see all the details of light and darkness, the myriad of textures, the shapes of things, and all kinds of lines going in all directions takes time. But it is marvelously enriching for me and the students who learn to look for them. Teaching visual language through the production of art to young people has always been an awarding endeavor and enjoyable. I’ve grown up and lived mostly in the midwest which has influenced my expression of the human condition and a sense of place in the art I do. One of my goals is to have students realize the importance of seeing as it relates to drawing and then how drawing is the foundation for most visual arts. I want my students to tell their stories and strive for artistic excellence. I hope they learn that beauty is everywhere and their art is like a prayer to creation plus a reverence for nature.

Educational Background

BA in Commercial Art and Markerting, MA in Art Education

Extracurricular Activities

Fine Arts Club