Admission FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions About Admission at BMCHS
Will there be a supply list for incoming Freshmen?
Often the best thing is to come to school prepared with a notebook, pencils, pens, highlighters, calculators, etc. However some teachers will give specific instructions for their class during Freshman Orientation.
What does the STS Placement test cover?
The STS placement test covers the areas of Math and English. It is approximately 3 ½ hours long. The cost is $15.00 and the student needs to bring two pencils.
How does a Freshman get involved in clubs and/or sports?
The best way to get involved in a sport is to contact our athletic director, Mr. Gary Savely at Some sports begin practicing during the summer months so pay attention to announcements, emails, and mailings. BMCHS offers a club day in early fall to sign up for our 30+ clubs.
How can I contact a teacher?
A parent can contact a teacher via email at any time or through our Powerschool online program. Teachers do not have access to a phone during the school day so it is best to begin with an email.
How do I get information on financial aid?
For more information or questions regarding tuition or financial aid contact Mrs. Mary Jane Hughes, Financial Administrative Assistant, at or (405) 842 6638, ext. 222 or Mrs. Janet Ciupak, CFO/Business Manager, at or (405) 842 6638, ext. 223.
What is Mean Green Fling?
MGF is a student-run activity before school begins. Upperclassmen involved in Clancy Spirit Club and Student Council plan a night where incoming Freshmen can meet others through fun games and various activities.
Is there a shadowing program at BMCHS?
There are shadow days offered at BMCHS. Students who fill out a shadow request form can provide a few different days to choose from. Students are asked to not shadow within 3 weeks before finals are given.
Does BMCHS offer transportation?
Transportation is offered right now from All Saints Catholic School in Norman and from St John Nepomuk in Yukon. Transportation is only provided to BMCHS not back to their homes.
Where can I purchase school uniforms?
School Uniforms are available at Parker Uniforms located at 9606 North May Ave, Oklahoma City. Uniforms are also available through Lands End. Every year our school offers a used uniform sale in early summer. Shirts are $5.00 and skirts are $10.00.
What is the average ACT score among BMCHS students?
Our average score is 25. The national average is 21. We recommend that students take the ACT by the second semester of their junior year or upon completion of Algebra II.