Joseph Welch

Joseph Welch

Director of Campus Ministry

Mr. Welch started at Bishop McGuinness in the fall of 2008. In 2013, he became the director of Campus Ministry and also teaches “Vocations and Leadership”, a senior level peer ministry class. He lives in the OKC metro area with his wife and their four children.

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Yesterday marked the 21st anniversary of bombing in downtown, Oklahoma City.
I was junior in high school and was on the campus of OSU when the bomb was detonated.
I remember seeing the remains of the Murrah building two weeks later when I visited OKC with my family.
I still remember the way the bright flood lights highlighted the devastation. I won’t ever forget.
Out of those ashes, our community rose to new heights. We have an obligation to continue to remember and to honor all that happened 21 years ago today.
So this Sunday, several faculty members and students will race to compete and to Remember.
I want to invite all of you to participate in McGuinness’s own IRISH ALLEY!
From Francis st. to Western, along 50th, we are going to celebrate everything Irish and Catholic. We want as many students, parents, and alumni to come out.
Our school is blessed to be on the marathon course, right at mile 7. This is a huge part of the race route, over 25,000 runners will come by the south lawn of the school.
Every student that registers and comes out to help will receive service hours.
We will have music, food, prayer, and a lot of signs.
Go to Mass on Saturday and come our early Sunday morning. Irish Alley will open at 6:30 AM !!
We will see you then…