David Morton

David Morton

Principal and President

In 2001 Mr. Morton was appointed by Archbishop Eusebius Beltran as the twelfth Principal of Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School. David has two children and three grandchildren. His son Zack is a 1998 graduate of McGuinness.


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Irish Eyes Blog

Happy Monday Everyone! I am feeling fortunate that we missed the snow storm that blasted the east coast over the weekend!! Hard to imagine what 15-20 inches of snow would do to our city. Prayers go out to those families who will be recovering from the storm over the coming days and weeks!

It’s Junior Homecoming Week and the candidates were announced in the Monday assembly. Candidates are Sophie Romano, Sally Merrill, Avery Geist, Roni Schrantz, Anna Kakish, Savannah Vogler, Kate Vesper and Charlotte Edmonds. Their escorts are Josh  Berney, Matt Chancellor, Alex Pham, Zeke Downs, Hunter Lau, Sean Reen, Cooper Larson and Ryal Reddick. The crowner is Zach Segell. The week will be filled with various activities so please refer to the weekly calendar for events and times.

A “Big Thanks” to all of you who attended the Town Hall meeting held in our Commons last Thursday. State legislators Jason Nelson and Clark Jolley fielded written questions from the audience regarding the two bills that will allow more freedom for parents when deciding on the best school option for their child. I felt that some of their responses were vague to the questions asked, but did come away with a better understanding of the two proposals. Simply stated, if either bill is ultimately passed, parents will have available money to make individual education decisions they have never enjoyed before. Would school vouchers open Pandora’s box regarding a flood of private schools beginning to pop up across the state? The answer is yes! How these schools would be regulated is up in the air! Would some type of voucher system help our Catholic schools? The answer is absolutely! We have many Catholic families who simply cannot afford or choose not to make the financial sacrifices necessary to attend a Catholic school. Portable education dollars would make Catholic education within reach to a wide range of socioeconomic families across the diocese. It also would help stabilize the population of some of our Catholic grade schools struggling to maintain attendance. Would some type of voucher system have a negative impact on our public school system. I would say it is quite possible. Loss of revenue would impact staffing and programs. The bottom line, and the new reality is, customized educational programs are here to stay! We would all be wise to pay attention to the current legislation to see what momentum is generated through this legislation session. It if fails, which I believe it will, it only means a new bill will be redrafted and presented again and again until it eventually becomes reality. Finally, I just want to say “Thank You” to all of our families Catholic and non-Catholic for making the financial sacrifice to have your child/children attend our school. I can say with great confidence they are receiving an education that is second to none, and continues to get better every day! Each student who receives their diploma on graduation night is fully equipped to meet the challenging demands they will face in their next chapter in life and beyond. A McGuinness diploma will open doors that they have not yet considered.

KAIROS Retreat for our juniors and senior boys is this week. I regret that it coincides with Junior Homecoming week, but there are only a few facilities across the state that can meet the demands of the number of boys and girls attending these retreats. We, therefore, have to look at dates typically a year in advance to make sure we have a guaranteed location. This years basketball schedule was front loaded with home games during December and January leaving us few dates to coordinate for both Kairos and a home basketball game. We are already planning for next year in hopes we don’t face the same conflict again.

With all that being said, KAIROS is that special occasion that allows each participant to strengthen their faith, and understand there is a relationship with Jesus that awaits each of them. Please keep our 32 retreatants and leaders in your prayers.

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Yours in Christ,



David Morton


Financial Aid Information

Financial aid applications for the 2016-2017 academic year are now available in the Business Office. This year we will be using SmartAid to conduct the financial needs analysis for us. There is no fee to make the application with SmartAid. Contact the Business Office for financial aid packets. Deadline to apply is March 21st.

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