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23 March 2017

Dear Prayer Partners,

Our second reading from Paul to the Ephesians reminds us that we are “light in the Lord” and are called to produce every kind of goodness and righteousness and truth”. Then Sunday’s gospel from John shows us a young man who was enabled to see by Jesus who was willing to be light in his world.  He asks the Pharisees if “they too wanted to follow Jesus because of the good that he performed? Of course, the Pharisees could not acknowledge Jesus’ good work because that would require some kind of change. They knew they were right so Jesus had to be wrong! May our prayer this week be for the courage to be light in our world and be willing to stand up and be counted when God and what’s good is denied.

This week at school we will be looking for ways to support monetarily the people of Peru who we have visited and helped in the past.  May we be generous in our support as ‘light in our world!”

++ Lord of Life, grant eternal life to those who have died: Morgan Lindsay (19-year old friend of several of our students), Zhen Xiaoxu (Ling Miller’s friend), 72 who have died in the Peruvian flooding, those who died in the London attack, and victims of violence and/or terrorist activities around the world

++ Lord we ask healing for all the sick, especially those dealing with cancer: Jim Chandler (Christine Pankratz’s uncle), Abi Kerber (freshman with leukemia), Joanne Kopp (put on hospice care), Joy Kryster (leukemia; Mrs. Abrams’s sister), Cooper Alcott (2-yr. old diagnosed with leukemia; Jennifer Frakes Burke’s nephew), Roger Metz, Alaina Jensen, Laurie Payne, Mary Minden-Zins, Vince Brady, Mrs. Hodges, Hayden Ishmael, Peggy McGuire Surritte, Mrs. Mindy Brown, Betty McClure (Rebecca Damron’s grandmother-in-law; kidney cancer), Laura Sparks, Sr. Teresa Chau Tran, O.C.D, Sr. Ann Marie O.C.D., Mary, Sara Dwerlkotte’s grandfather, Cheryl Hill, Paula Allen (pancreatic cancer), Jim Pallerino, Cynthia William, Sandy Robert, Cindy Thompson, Natalie  Rice,  Tom Baglio, Hazel Meziere, Dean Hawkins, Xiao Ying, Larry Moore, Perry Villanueva, Janene Sanchez, children with cancer, and those newly diagnosed and/or those who have begun chemo and/or radiation treatments

++ Lord, we ask the healing most needed for all the sick, especially: Daniela Lopez, Kennedy Grace (infection and complications from E. coli; Lance Parkinson’s granddaughter), Rhett Hightower (2-month-old with hearing problems; may need surgery), James Van Sickle (Joy Warlick’s father; pneumonia and heart attack), Paul Brou (Austin Hill and Mia Thielke’s grandfather), Tyler Fahringer,  Tom Hosty, Grace Grimes, Mary Frances Duran, Teresa McGinnis, Fr. Joe Ross (Parkinson’s, problems with meds), Margaret Phipps, Mrs. Porch, Shelbi Noakes, Missy Musgrave, Suzanne Simon (Sandy Nedbalek’s sister), Mr. John Baldwin, Maverick Nikelfresh (2-yr.-old suffering from pulmonary hypertension), Kevin Smith, Vena San Antonio, June Chambers, Ryan Free ’92, Joanne Kamp, Emmie Wright (Kristin Kusbel Wright’s daughter; varying health issues), Maxine Stancampiano, Shirley Willis (heart problems), Suzi Johnson, Megan Wells (problems with pregnancy; Mrs. Schwarz’s daughter), Todd Williams, Evan Klingenberg (Sam Klingenberg’s son with incurable Menkes disease), Helen Milam’s great-grandmother, Chan Baker, Mr. Chris Zehrung, Mary Males, Arthur McAnulty (stroke), Pam Whitehead (Rebecca Damron’s mother -in-lawl; multiple health issues), Tim JoyceStan Evans (Lindsey Self Evans’s 2 yr. old son), Liam Kelley, Peter McConnell, Tommy Otto, Barbara KendallClark Ellison, Genna Reed, Martin Gocke (needs heart transplant), stabilized vision for Sr. Joseph Marie and Eula Martin, Susan (Crohn’s disease), Marilyn Cheatwood, Jose Rosillo, Mr. and Mrs. La Saxon, Katie Hamilton, Laura Davidoff, Kent Lee, many friends and relatives, especially grandparents, experiencing health issues associated with aging, and all those in hospitals especially children

++ Special intentions: Sr. Marian Scena, Caroline Drummond; Mr. and Mrs. Newman; Jane Edmonds; Ashley Voss; Marie Logiodice; Velrick O. Wilson; Dillard Drew; all members of the BMCHS community, staff, and their families; Aaron’s needs; Fr. Frank Schenk; Fr. Chet’s intentions; residents in nursing homes especially those at St. Ann Nursing Home, Assisted and Independent Living centers; and relatives and friends of BMCHS community

++ That all Christians may strive to be light and reflect Jesus’ presence in our world
++ For the people of Peru who have suffered from intense rain and flooding the last two weeks
++ That world leaders work diligently to provide justice and basic needs for the poor, hungry and displaced people in our world while effectively addressing the threats posed by militant terrorist groups and those who participate in human trafficking
++ For the graces needed by those desiring to strengthen and improve their relationship with God and the Church
++ For the conversion of heart of youth radicalized by extreme groups such as ISIS
++ That all the members of the BMCHS family strive to live humbly before God and others and work for lasting peace in our world
++ That Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI emeritus, Archbishop Coakley, Archbishop emeritus Beltran, all priests, seminarians, retired priests and permanent deacons be examples of light helping all Christians to choose to follow Christ
++ That our benefactors and all associated with our BMCHS family celebrate God’s gift of salvation by sharing with all people they meet each day
++ That God would gift with courage, hope, and faith, those suffering for their faith in Syria and the Middle East, families dealing with death or long-term illnesses, financial problems, addictions, Bullying and/or any other life altering challenges
++ That human trafficking, the modern form of slavery, may be eradicated
++ That respect for all life, from womb to tomb, would be a lifestyle and attitude of all Christians
++ In thanksgiving for being blessed by God in so many ways and that all in the BMCHS community use these blessings for God’s honor and glory; for the intentions of our alumni and their families especially any suffering from long-term illnesses or illnesses that have not yet been diagnosed
++ That the love between married couples will help them experience God’s love and enable them to be living examples of love for their children and the community
++ For all missionaries and the people served especially: Fr. Joe Uhen and the people of Piura, Peru, Sr. Rosemary Nyurimbe of Uganda, Sr. Barbra Joseph and her “Pantry ministry”, and Sr. Janice Thome’s work in southwest Kansas
++ For the success of the causes for sainthood of Pier Giorgio, Fr. Stanley Rother, Dorothy Day, and Archbishop Romero
++ For an end to violence, in particular gang violence and terrorism, and for the healing of divisions between nations and all peoples
++ That those who have lost jobs, especially Bev Sanchez, may find purposeful work
++ That all our servicemen and women be kept safe, free from harm, and return to their families soon, especially for Carter Labarthe, Angel’s cousin, Victor Chavez, Hannah Kohlness, Abram McNeil, Russ Johnson, Brian Jackson, Brad Nutty, Capt. Justin Mancinelli, Joey Miles, Kelly Patterson, Molly Hatch, Hunter Hill and all others in our acquaintance
++ May our BMCHS families and homes be places of faith, mercy, humility, peace, love, reconciliation, and acceptance and not places of physical or emotional violence
++ For the needs and intentions of foster children, their foster families, and their ‘birth’ families and those seeking to adopt children
++ For an end to bullying, and for families, especially Kurt & Laura Smalley, impacted by bullying and its results
++ In thanksgiving for those who work with and for the poor, especially Malala Yousafzai (Pakistan) and Saher Gul (Afghanistan) and those who work at Jesus House OKC
++ That people suffering from any addictions will experience freedom through the grace of God’s life-giving Spirit
++ That those suffering from darkness in their life may experience the Light offered by God’s Spirit and choose life rather than ending their life

The following intentions need ongoing prayer

Those who have died recently: Peggy McMillan, Wanda Stevens, Noel Williams, Carroll Webb, Collin Cross, Fr. Tom Melton

The needs and Intentions of: Chris Padgett and his family, the Wrights family, John Hogan, Amy Jacobs and son: Tyler, children of those deployed in the military, Mrs. Smallwood, Mr. and Mrs. Smalley, Jessie Boone, Jackie Francois and her ministry, Don Cruse, Olga and Cesar and family, the Taylor family, Mattie, Mr. Cheatwood, Joey, Alexa Browning, and Maddie Lyon. May Ray Dell McCleskey and his son Trey who suffers from hydrocephalus, Eric Sparkman, Brett Stacey, John Lane, T. J. Rogers and their children all be blessed for their donated work for Katie Hamilton’s aqua therapy room and pool.