Canned Food Drive 2024

Canned Food Drive Information

What is CFD?

We are pleased to announce our annual Can Food Drive, a longstanding tradition within our community. This initiative is aimed at providing vital support to the Regional Food Bank, with a history of successfully raising approximately 100,000 pounds of food annually. All contributions, both in the form of canned goods and monetary donations, are channeled directly to the Regional Food Bank to assist those in need.

The BMCHS Canned Food Drive began in 1987. Each year the student body works together to support the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. This year’s goal is to raise 100,000 lbs of food with 85% of the student body participating. 

Oklahoma currently ranks as the fifth most food-insecure state in the nation. It is incumbent upon us to address this pressing issue and make a meaningful impact in our community. Volunteering and community service are deeply ingrained values here, and this food drive is one of the many ways we demonstrate our commitment to being a “person for others”.


What type of canned goods do students bring?

Students are asked to bring 60 lbs of canned food. Suggestions of food items include cans of green beans, corn, peas, mixed veggies, beans, or fruit to name a few. Spaghetti sauce and peanut butter are also options. We cannot accept glass items/glass jars. 

Students may not bring cash donations in place of cans. 


Do I have to wear my uniform during CFD?

Once a student has brought 60 lbs. of food, they may have spirit dress through Thanksgiving break. Canned food drive spirit dress includes jeans or joggers (no sweats, leggings, or pajamas) with a spirit top and spirit outerwear. Students will receive an “I donated card” once they have brought in 60 lbs. of food. This can be worn in their lanyard, letting teachers and administrators know that they have permission to be out of uniform.  



When is the canned food drive?

The canned food drive will kick-off at the Halloween Assembly on Thursday, October 31st. Cans may be dropped off between Friday, November 1st to Friday, November 22nd. Cans may be dropped off between 7:00 - 7:45 AM at the main entrance. Do not bring cans after 7:45 AM so that students are able to make it to class on time. 

The Regional Food Bank will pick-up donations on Friday, November 22nd. 


Where do I bring my cans?

Students should bring their donation to the main entrance from 7:00 AM - 7:45 AM. Student council members will be present to help unload parent cars and document each donation. Donations will not be accepted after 7:45 AM to allow students to be on-time to class. 






• Halloween Assembly

October 31st

AM in the PM schedule

Students may pay $5 to wear a Halloween costume – money collected during second hour


• Penny Wars (Olympic Points)

November 1st - 15th

Buckets will be in front of the trophy cases in the commons


• Button Sales

November 2nd , 7th , 9th , and 14th during lunch


• Trivia Night



Teams will be 4 – 6 people

$20 per team


• Bake Sale


All items $1


• Volleyball Night



$25 per team


• Basketball


$25 per team


• Class Sculptures – Class Council

November 21st @ 3 - 3:30


• Food bank pick up day

November 22nd – 8 - 3

There will be an entrance fee or team fee for each event. Sign-ups will take place at lunch.