For the upcoming school year, we ask that all new student iPads be the 10.2” version with 32GB, and WiFi only – this is what Apple considers their education model, and is Apple Pencil compatible. This version is cost effective, starting at $329 from the Apple Store. It is also available at places like Best Buy, Walmart and Target. You are welcome to purchase the iPad Pro or iPad Mini, if you prefer, as long as you make sure it is WiFi only and has at least 32GB.  We do suggest purchasing AppleCare for the device in case of damage that is beyond repair.

It is important to note that the iPad, regardless of type, be WiFi only and not have a data plan. As a school we are required to filter inappropriate websites for children and those with adult content. When an iPad has a data plan, it allows students to bypass the networks filtration system, and we are unable to restrict student access to websites the school blocks.

We also suggest purchasing an Apple Pencil, a keyboard, and case. None of the items beyond the iPad are required, but can enhance your student’s experience with the iPad.

Management v. Restrictions

In order to support freshmen as they adjust to high school, the school restricts freshmen iPads more than those of upperclassmen. This restriction simply prevents students from installing apps outside of the school profiles on their device. This provision eliminates distractions such as texting, gaming, and social media apps as students transition from middle to high school.

All students must have their iPad managed by the school. This is how we install content such as apps and textbooks. Every iPad is enrolled into our Mobile Device Management system called JAMF, which allows us to distribute content to students’ iPads based on their course schedule. 

A restricted iPad means the school is able to turn off the App Store, and downloads such as music downloads. iPads are restricted to solely academic apps and functions in an effort to eliminate distractions. 

We do understand iPads are personal devices, if you wish to not have your students’ restricted please email Lauren Peña, Director of Instructional Technology.