STEM Student Projects

Bishop McGuinness is excited to offer STEM II as a course this school year. Students are working on a yearlong project of their choosing while guided by their teacher, Ms. Lauren Smith, and a mentor specializing in their field of study. The students have created websites for their projects and will be updating them throughout the year. To see what the STEM II students are doing, we encourage you to visit their websites by clicking on the project titles below! Donate

Mitchell Ciupak and Bryce Buwick
We are sending weather balloons into the stratosphere to measure high-altitude wind patterns.
Fundraising goal: $800

Chris Labarthe
I am modeling, rigging, and animating a character that I created to perform various movements and actions. My project gives me firsthand experience with 3D animation.
Fundraising goal met.

Bautista Baiocchi-Lora
I am creating Enigma, which is an anonymous android instant messaging application.
Fundraising goal: $350